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Online Book Club is something I found while searching around for freelancing opportunities this week. It seems legit and I am going to try it out myself. You simply sign up to receive a free book every day (if you want to do it that frequently, of course) and then you get paid to review them when you are finished. ( and even if you do not want to review every book you read you still have access to all of them) They want your honest opinion too as it says on sign up. This is not one of those paid for positive reviews type deals.

I am big on reading and its one of my favorite things to do, even as a kid. So this will be a perfect opportunity for any readers out there and if you’re not I’m sure getting paid for a review of free books would still definitely make it worth your while!


It’s a really simple process. You simply sign up. You then need to verify your email and you’re in!

From there you will need to do some social profile following but, again. There are free books available every single day!

A good little side hustle or gig for the freelancer type, stay at home mom, college students, anyone who reads really. You get points for every task you complete (simple tasks)  like following online book clubs social media accounts and the book of the day then those points enter you into a daily raffle for two Amazon gift cards of up to $40.


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According to you can make between $5-60 per review. There are, of course, some guidelines for this which you will need to read through beforehand.

*Your first review will not be paid BUT after that, you become eligible for paid reviews!

There are also some deadlines as well which actually shouldn’t be hard for anyone to sick to:

They are:

  • Within 4 days of accepting the book for review, you must confirm having successfully downloaded the book in a readable format
  • Within 30 days of confirming the successful download, you must confirm you have finished reading it.
  • Within 7 days of marking the book as read, you must submit the review.

Easy enough. 

They also don’t want you to keep reading if you don’t like the book and as part of the reviewing process to state why you didn’t like the book which they use to give feedback to that Author should you choose to pick that option. Just know if you do this many times it will make your reviewer score fall which doesn’t help you get higher paying reviews in the future.

They ask that your review be at least 400 words and at least 5 paragraphs. That sounds about right and would be just enough to give an accurate rating and good feedback to the Author as well on their book and let other potential buyers whether it’s worth reading or not or if they would even be interested.

They also show you what an example review should look like so there is no confusion once you start writing.

Your Reviewer Score


This is Online Book Clubs randomly generated score between 0 and 100. You can also earn points by participating in the discussions in the community on the website. So before you even start reviewing you can be well on your way to scoring some easy points. You will also get more points for how well you do on your reviews when you begin to write them and submit them.



You will be paid via Paypal and as stated before the number of points you stack up will ultimately be the determiner of whether you can make $5 or up to $60 dollars per review. Once you reach levels 5 and 6 you will be eligible to make the most money and you can get to this level as early as your third review. 🙂


So what do you think? It can’t hurt to try it out.


You can sign up here.


4 thoughts on “Online Book Club

  1. I’ve been surfing through all 3 of your blogs–your freelance info is by far the most helpful, for an adjunct professor in desperate need of extra cash that is

    Thank you and keep on keeping on

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much. I have not been able to keep up lately but I plan on adding a lot more. If you want to follow my ig I post more regularly on there. Same name. @angiesfreelancing


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