5 Easy Side Gigs To Supplement Your Income

Okay so for my first “list post” I just wanted to talk about a few different ideas for some side gigs you can use to supplement your income.

They are all a little bit different and have varying levels of pay but I know they are all legit and actually pay out. I personally use two of these right now just to make a little side money which is always great to have.

  • Usertesting

I signed up with Usertesting about a year and a half ago and they are a great company to work with and for. You simply sign up with them and take a practice test where you speak your thoughts on a recording while clicking around on a website or app they have provided to you.

They will pay you $10 each time you complete and submit a test and the tests only take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. They pay through PayPal and it’s really easy to do. All you have to do is talk through your microphone and tell them what you like and dislike about their website or app, put in a few notes, and submit your test.

I have and still do use this from time to time and they do actually pay and on time. I have never had a problem with this website. They pay you 7 days (down to the minute) after you submit your tests for grading.


If you do well on your tests your star rating will stay high and you will be offered the most tests.  I have 4 and a half stars still a year and a half later.


Sign up here for Usertesting


  • Inbox Dollars

This website has a lot of different ways to earn and you can cash out once your account reaches $30. Its super easy to use and you can either receive a check through the mail or have it loaded onto their own card they provide you with and use it anywhere Visa debit is accepted. I chose the second option because its easier for me to just use the card and it’s quicker. With Inbox Dollars you can earn money by taking surveys, watching T.V., searching the internet, watching videos, and even referring your friends.


I actually signed up with them in 2014 and they have grown quite a bit and have a lot more options than they did in the past which is another plus for this gig. The Scratch and Win feature is really great and you can win up to $100. 🙂


Sign up here for Inbox Dollars


  • Indeed Crowd

    I recently found Indeed Crowd when they emailed me a new opportunity to work with them and find people I know looking for jobs. This one is really simple to do also. You simply sign up with them and look at the job listings they have available at the moment. Some jobs are in high demand and they will pay you $10 to match someone to a job and up to $5,000 if the job is offered to that person and they begin working. This one is very easy to do and you can post on social media the jobs you think some of your followers or friends might be interested in. There is more information in my post here if you want some more info on this side gig.

  • Make a Short (or long) Ebook! 

    I am in the process right now making an ebook and got this idea looking around for a side gig myself. Mine is going to be a little more involved but I have seen many many different ebooks out there that are not long at all. Some even just a few pages in length. If you have information you think would benefit others in some way or even wanting to write short stories, or a short children’s book this is a great idea! Amazon Publishing will let you self-publish and sell your ebook on Kindle for between $2.99 up to $9.99 and you still get 70% of the royalties from each sale. That is money while you sleep!

You can learn more about Amazon Self Publishing here.


  • Sign Up to Teach with QKIDS

I found QKids on my facebook page a few weeks ago. You can teach kids in China English and get paid for it. You don’t have to know any Chinese either. The kids’ ages range between 5 and 12yrs.  I signed up to work for them but wasn’t picked. ( I’m not good on video I guess) Oh well. Anyways I just wanted to share this with you because its a part-time side gig that gives you a minimum of 6 hrs/wk to work and up to 18 hrs/wk to work depending on how much extra time you have available. I looked them up prior to submitting my application and found they have some really great reviews on glassdoor.com. It was easy to submit my application they just want you to film a one minute video of you reading a short children’s book and send your computer specs in to them. Very easy. They pay between $16-20/hr and they give you all the materials, and lessons you need to teach so all you need is a microphone and your smiling face.

Find out more info here on working for QKIDS.


These are just a few of the side gigs I thought were worth mentioning and hopefully one of them works out for you. They are all very easy to do and are all online which means you can do them from the comfort of your home.


If you would like to see another side gig I recommend and you’re a reader then you should check out my post on Online Book Club.

**Disclaimer – This post does contain affiliate link but the opinions and experiences are my own and were not paid for in any way.









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