I am changing a few things on Angie’s Freelancing!

Okay, so I have recently decided to reassess everything including my blogs and I cut out the one I had started with first which was Mom and Student Blogger. It was something I was pretty happy about when I first started it but it kind of went dead and it was nagging at me but it wasn’t really something I was feeling up to anymore. So it’s gone. Deleted. Finished. I have recently gotten into looking for and reading about work at home companies that don’t require moms to be on the phone and have joined a few. I wanted to share those here since I think it fits best and it can be beneficial to other bloggers looking for work from home but that doesn’t need to be on the phone. I know myself how hard it can be to try to work a phone job with small children in the house. That’s why I decided to start writing but its also something I love. But I was stuck for awhile because I wanted to write not just to be writing but also to figure out how I could help others with my writing. So I began writing “writing tips” as you can see in my previous posts. But that is a hard thing to keep up. I was stuck again for ideas and then while I was looking on facebook for work at home jobs I stumbled across a whole network of making money bat home with different companies where you don’t need to work for someone else to start really getting some income. So I looked into a few and then I joined. It’s not going to make you an overnight success but I have built some connections and asked around to see what people in their companies like about what they are doing and how they are making money with it on an individual basis because I think it’s nice to really get the story from a person working the business day in and day out. So, that is what I will be sharing here. I have quite a few lined up to post and hopefully, it can help someone else looking to find something from home they can do.

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