CBD Oil might be the answer to many of you and your loved ones ailments!

I recently discovered CBD oil only a few months ago and have been researching it since then in my spare time. ( I don’t usually get much of it though) I am really impressed with what I have found out so far. I first heard about it on Facebook from a friend of mine who sells it. She told me about it and how beneficial it is to the body and the mind. This is something I have always been interested in as its a more natural approach to healing which is something I have been interested in for more than 10 years now and it comes in so many different forms too. She asked me if I was interested in getting some for myself. I was a little cautious at first because I hadn’t actually heard about it before a few months ago. But I listened to what she had to say because I like to give other marketers a chance to tell me about their products and how they can help me. Sometimes I get them and sometimes I pass them up. The more I read on CBD oil though the more I am interested in actually trying it out.

So, what exactly is CBD oil?

CBD Oil is the oil of cannabinoids. But what are cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are a part of the cannabis plant where the CBD oil is extracted from. It (CBD oil) does contain trace amounts of THC but it does not “get you high” as some might think when hearing this.

The really great news is that Hempworks just came out with a product that is THC free which is awesome for anyone who might be iffy on the whole THC part of CBD oil. 🙂

So as I did in my last company post I asked Missy a few questions about her business and this is what she had to say.


1. How and why did you get started in your business?

After I had my daughter 5 years ago I started having some health issues. I would wake up and hurt All day long. Didn’t make sense to me considering I was only 32 at the time but I just dealt with it. Also my memory had gone to crap when I was pregnant so I blamed that off on “Mommy Brain” as people call it but years were going by and no change in my memory and my pain was getting worse so I decided to go to my Dr and they did arthritis tests which came back negative so back home I went till about 10 months ago when I couldn’t take it anymore. So back to the Dr where she sent me to several specialists. I did a 6-hour memory test, sleep study and finally to the Rheumatologist where he Immediately said: “Has your Dr ever said the “F” word to U?” Strange huh?? Nope not what I was thinking either!! “FIBROMYALGIA” was the word he was referring to. So finally an answer!! But of course the first call from my Dr after that was “Ok we can get u started on x,y,z and if that doesn’t work within a week we can up your dose or switch ya to something else!!” Umm No Thank U!! So I told her I would let her know and I started to research natural alternative solutions that would help me deal with these symptoms and found CBD Oil. Of course I didn’t stop there I had to know what I was putting in my body and where it came from it Only took me about 7 Months to find the amazing company Hempworx and their amazing Cbd products. And for only $20 More then my products I ordered I could make money sharing it with friends, family and fur babies dealing with the same things and more. It was a no-brainer!!


2. What is it you like most about your business?

What I like most about the business is that I can share an all-natural full spectrum alternative solution for people and pets alike with pain, health issues, mental well being and even help them financially.


3. What are some benefits to you in your business?

I get to stay at home with my daughter. I get to use amazing all natural plant-based products without fillers, that are made in the USA and have lab reports to back them up and I get to make a great income for my family.
4. How much time per week do you spend working on your business?
I can work my business from anywhere and on my own schedule (And I Love My Job) so it differs from day to day or week to week but if I had to give a number probably 6-7 Hours A day 7 Days a week (If I Feel Like It!!)
5. Anything else you would like to share?
I would like to add that I have been using the products now for 3 months and have been pain-free from Fibromyalgia, my sleep has been amazing and my anxiety is at a minimum now!! Not to mention that the “brain fog”, focus and concentration is soo much better! I have been in this business for 3 months as well with 2 other network marketing companies besides this under my belt in the last 7 years and I would have to say that this has definitely been the most rewarding company by far, mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and of course financially.
So, what exactly are some of the benefits to using CBD Oil? There are sooo many but just to name a few: 
and so many more!

If you would like more information or to contact Missy you can check her out on her website at Hemp Mend Live , or on her FB page.

Thanks for reading about this amazing business opportunity and these awesome products! 🙂 🙂

6 thoughts on “CBD Oil might be the answer to many of you and your loved ones ailments!

  1. I tried CBD oil once, bought it online but I use the recommended amount (which emptied the bottle in 3 days, no joke) & it didn’t work. Someone told me to get the CBD oil with THC in it but I live in Iowa so I can’t. But I wanna try it so bad because I think the kind I had was shitty.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, that had to be really low-grade CBD Oil which happens sometimes! It definitely shouldn’t have been gone in 3 days either. I would definitely recommend contacting Missy she really knows her stuff! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hey There Casey!! Please Reach Out To Me!! I Would Love To Talk More About A Quality Product With Lots Of Benefits!! That Bottle Should Definitely Have Lasted U Way Longer Then 3 Days And 3 Days Isn’t Enough To Get The Full Benefits Of The CBD!! My Bottle Lasts Me Approximately 100 Days!! Of Course We Say 1-3 Months Depending On Your “Sweet Spot”!! Please Reach Out To Me On Facebook And We Can Talk Some Things Over Sweetie!! 😉


      1. Also Casey As Far As The THC And U Living In IOWA Our Company Ships It Straight To Your Door And The THC Levels Are Below The Legal Limit So Safe To Buy Or Sell Our Products In All 50 States Legally Without A Medical Marijuana Card!! They Aren’t Gonna Come Knocking Down Your Door!! 😉


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