Only 4 Days Left to Join My Health and Wellness Company for $1 !!

Are you still looking for the perfect work at home opportunity?

Melaleuca is only offering memberships for just $1 for the next four days!

Are you looking to make some extra income from home? Get healthy and go green? Know that your household items are safe to use? Especially for kids.

There are so many products at Melaleuca and it’s so easy to convert the toxic regular store brand items you are using right now to Melaleuca’s. There are over 400 products that Melaleuca carries and sells.

Plus you can get 7 FREE items just for joining this month!

FREE Gift for ALL New Preferred Members

All new Preferred Members who enroll in June will receive a FREE Sights, Smells, and Taste of Summer Pack, valued at over $25, in their first active order!

This pack includes:

New Customer Gift

Contact me for more info or questions!

You can also check out all Melaleuca has to offer here!

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