“Your Avon Rep Is Calling!” Katherine’s Story on Becoming an Avon Rep.

I signed up with Avon in May 2016. I was at home on maternity leave during a high-risk pregnancy. I had about a month before the due date so I was DREADING returning back to a job that no longer fulfilled me and I just didn’t find promising anymore. Sunday, May 22nd (I remember the exact date because SURPRISE! I went into labor the next day!) A pink link flashed across my screen as I was looking for a stay at home job. I was like “AVON”? Everyone knows Avon!! Let’s give it a try. Because of the sudden birth, I had to put starting to the side. When I finally did I loved how it literally sold itself. I’ve heard quite a lot of “Avon is still around?” in my area so I was delighted to be able to provide our products to customers that were excited to hear I was a representative.

What I like the most about owning my own Avon business is 2 things:  the flexibility of being able to work at my own time/schedule, how much or little effort I put into it determines my success.  The second is most definitely meeting new people! I love being able to chat even if just for a moment with some of my elder customers. Knowing that if I visit for even 10 minutes while delivering their orders for them it means the world…it brightens their day!


The top 3 benefits I have found with this business is the enormous support system, free learning tools/website and can’t forget the trips I am looking forward to earning!!!

I can dedicate as little as 5 minutes to post on social media, I can set up weeks content on Sunday night or maybe even an hour dropping off brochures in establishments in the area. It really is up to YOU to make it work.

Besides the opportunity to be able to own my own business I couldn’t be happier to represent such an amazing company that has been around 130 plus years! What does that tell you? We have products from beauty to health. Avon is doing amazing at keeping up with today’s latest fashion.  I have been able to grow as a person, but most importantly as a woman. I have been on this amazing journey to learn how to love myself and I can’t tell you how empowered I feel now more than when I started 2 years ago… a shy person and not sure of my future. I am definitely glad I made that small investment in myself back then!


Interested? Ask me how! You can also visit my e-store. Select “Sell Avon” and you will be forwarded to our link where you can check out our 3 kits: $25, $50 or $100 and use reference code: “kquinones” if prompted.

Check out our causes: #BreastCancerCrusade #ShopForTheGreaterGoods and #SpeakOutAgainstDomesticViolence ☺




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